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  • The volunteer fire department came to me with this project a couple of months ago. They have had an old fire truck for half a century, it was the first one they had and it was used when they bought it. At any rate they wanted to get a price on restoring it. So I had to figure out what it needed and how to replace it. Obviously they wanted to put it in parades and so it needed to do all the fire truck stuff. I had to show them and what they would charge to replace the horn for one thing. Obviously a fire truck has a big horn just like the engine on a train. (more…)

  • Washington Dulles International AirportWhen the housing market tanked, I knew that it was the time to buy a new house. I just had to! It was going to make an awesome future investment and probably one of the only times that I would be able to afford any number of homes – at this point, the market had crashed and burned. Detroit was for sale for a dollar and Virginia wasn’t fairing any better in some parts. So I swooped up a nice place in dulles that was just what I needed. Since I travel extensively for work, I do a lot of social networking as it were; instead of doing it solely online, I hook up people in the real world. I look at potential business partners and decide who they should be meeting. I encourage growth to happen from multiple sources and not just internally within the company, although I do that as well. Help bridge departments so they might introduce new ideas to one another. I manage an ecosystem of ideas for several companies, making links between projects that most people would not see.

    It is not easy work. There is extensive research that goes into each project that I manage; whether it’s research about the employees on any project, the nature of a business agreement or the history of a company, I look into everything that I feel is going to assist me in making the best choices for my clients. It’s not something that a lot of individuals practice and it is truly a finely tuned sort of intuition that has to be trusted those clients. Yet, I deliver results and while it admittedly is not one hundred percent, there is always some sort of benefit that occurs under the tutelage I provide for my projects, even if I have to give them a nudge or two.

  • William+Stewart+and+court+documents.jpgI need to sell this car that I have, so that I can get a new one in the near future. I do not like to have a car for more than 10 years, in general, because I do not like to deal with mechanical issues and such. I have had this car for 12 years, and I think that it is time to get rid of it. I want to find a san diego cash for cars place where I will be able to sell my car for a good price, and maybe find another vehicle to buy, while I am at it.

    I do not really know what I want to get for a new car. I am kind of considering getting the same make and model of, as what I am currently driving, but obviously a newer edition.

  • I am going to be looking to buy some sort of recreational trailer for travel and camping, and other things like that. I have been thinking about getting one for a long time, but I have never really had the money, until just now – click here for details. I have a large truck, that is pretty new, so I don’t want to get an RV, but rather just a trailer to pull behind the truck. As such, I am currently looking at a rockwood trailer and I think that it might be something that I would like to purchase.

    I don’t know how much it is going to cost, but I would definitely like to spend less than 15 thousand dollars on the trailer. That is like my maximum price, and I might been looking for something a bit cheaper than that. It really depends on what the prices are like on the market right now. But I really would like to get one soon, as it is something I have wanted for awhile, and I think it would really be nice to take on camping trips.

    My wife and I really like to go camping, whenever we have the time. We usually do it a few times per summer, but I think we would go more often, if we had a trailer to sleep in. I want to get a trailer that offers all of the comforts of home, and one that has something larger than just a single-sized bed. I wonder if any come with queen sized beds. I kind of think that it is unlikely, but I guess that I have no way of knowing for sure. I am going to start looking around for the best prices that I can find on the internet, and maybe I will make a purchase soon.

  • There’s something very Freudian about the relationship between a guy and his ride. How a guy treats his vehicle can be just as telling as the way he is with his mother. A wise woman sits up and pays attention.

    What kind of a vehicle does he drive? A sedan, truck, hummer? Is it a safe and functional SUV, or a slick and speedy sports car? Be wary of the latter, and not just because it could make a tragic widow out of you sooner rather than later.

    What color is it? He may not give a hoot about what color his shirt is, but he’ll definitely care about his auto’s color. There’s a big difference between a man who prefers navy or black, to the one who goes for red. Does he drive to please himself, or to impress women? Rightly or not, it is a long-held notion that a car is an extension of the ego, and could be an outlet for some testosterone-loaded chest beating and preening, as well as for compensating for inadequacies and insecurities.

    Does he refer to his ride as a “she”? What name does he give her? How protective is he of “her”? Is he more of a gentleman towards it than the woman he dates? Is he relaxed and comfortable when driving, or scared and worried about the weather, the road, and every single pothole? There are men who drive their cars to the car wash for cleaning and detailing, while there are others who don’t trust anybody with it but themselves. A woman ought to be aware of where she falls in her man’s list of priorities lest she find herself competing ineffectually with a piece of machinery.

    Does he pimp up his ride with custom paint jobs and bodywork? Does he get excited with lift spindles and big tires? Does he buy all sorts of stuff for his car beyond the basic wash and polish — i.e. decals, seat covers, lights, or any type of bling?

    Of course how a man is with his car isn’t everything, but it holds a lot of clues about his inner life that he probably doesn’t talk about, or probably isn’t aware of.

  • Are you someone that can confidently say that they know how to get a well-priced motor vehicle insurance policy? If not, you should pay close attention to the information below, which has been put together by Damian Roberton from The infographic covers some fantastic tips on what to look for when assessing the different policies available to you.

    How to get cheap car insurance

  • Used vehicles in Toronto are a very popular transportation option that can save you thousands of dollars over buying a new vehicle. Overheating is a real problem with these vehicles and it's therefore important to keep vehicle fluids at the right level. It is important to find used vehicles Toronto that suits your lifestyle perfectly. Truck maintenance is especially vital as these vehicles must be fit for purpose and transport their load safely.

    The car charging system is one of the most important systems in your vehicle. Sign up to join your local car repair shop's mailing list today and receive the latest discounts and coupons for car air conditioner service and repair. Any car repair shop should be able to help you with checking your tire pressure and ensuring your tire tread is sufficient and most importantly, legal. Another good idea is to join the car repair shop's mailing list.

    If you have nagging pains after an auto accident it may be from spinal injuries. Additional auto accident injuries that may require pain management include middle and lower back pains that occur with sudden external force and joint injuries. Broken bones, cuts and spine problems are nociceptive pains and different combinations of physical therapy, medication, and surgery as well as rest is employed. Neck pain, stiffness, headaches, shoulder pains and pains between the shoulder blades, numbness in the hands or arms and low back pain are possible symptoms of auto accidents.

    Apart from injury to the head, pain in the muscle, joints, bones, and spine are the most common symptoms of auto accident injuries. An Oklahoma pain management clinic for auto injuries can also be augmented with special pillows for neck support and to prevent turns and twists. One of the most painful auto accident injuries is whiplash or acceleration/deceleration injury, neck sprain or neck stain. You have been extremely fortunate to survive an auto accident without any life-threatening injuries or having to stay at the hospital for even a night.

    Subscribe to New Article Alerts: Automotive Todd Andersson Submitted On February 08, 2012. You can arrange an appointment online for a thorough checkup of your car charging system and request auto electrical repair as required. Automobile event research needs to be carefully carried out to get you the right results from live events. I regret not getting treatment after my auto injury.

    The most common brake repair of all is replacement of the brake pads, and rotors. Your old battery will be disposed of in the correct manner by your vehicle repairs shop. •Extend the Life of Your System – Routine maintenance of your air conditioning system will ensure many more years of reliable service. When the heat starts to soar and you're stuck in traffic, nothing can be better than winding up the windows and switching on the car air conditioning.

    Often car batteries die without warning and this is when you will need a battery replacement service. Windshield wipers, lights, your radio and any device plugged into your vehicle such as an MP3 player will all work off your auto battery when the engine is not running. You can arrange an appointment online for your car battery replacement in Madison, Dane County or join your car repair shop's mailing list.

    You risk electric shock if you attempt to fix your own charging systems. In addition to removing contaminants from the air inside your vehicle, it can also help to improve the reliability of your heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. Your car electrical system is essential to the running of your vehicle and many auxiliary devices such as the lights, radio and air conditioning and heating systems. •Save on Repair Bills – By arranging regular vehicle air conditioning maintenance you can save yourself expensive repair bills and prevent total failure of your system.

    Subscribe to New Article Alerts: Automotive: Repairs Jay W Alfsen Submitted On November 02, 2009. Again, booking a seasonal check at your local car repair shop will identify any problems with fluid levels. Now that you understand the importance of air conditioning maintenance, it's time to arrange an appointment with your local car repair shop in South-Central Wisconsin. Car repair shops offer a comprehensive range of seasonal checks that will prepare your car, truck or any other vehicle you drive for the months of driving ahead.

    Often times a simple cleaning and adjustment of the brakes will restore proper operation. Out of sight can sometimes mean out of mind. Many times, the individual feels okay immediately following the accident. Take the time to make a list of features you MUST HAVE like a CD player, air conditioning, lumbar support and so on.

  • Nowadays there are so many such service providers in Henderson which promises to give quality services to its clients, which it may leave you confused about whom services to take. You will find all preventive and repair services with us. Moreover, all the services offered are fully guaranteed. Ask anyone among your friends, family circle and colleagues who have prior experience of taking these services.

    From this Boca Raton service center, repairs can be done according to the needs of the cars and the desires of the owner. Or you can get it repes for an array of vehicles including sports cars, trucks and buses, tractors and high performance machinery along with Marine products. With them, your cars will surely be in good hand. We are all familiar with the world famous car manufacturing company Mercedes Benz and we know how luxurious these cars can be.

    Drive to the nearest auto service in San Diego for a quick oil change. Always use genuine spare parts and accessories for the automobile. AM_PM Bellaire automotive provides 24 months or 24000 miles warranty on all repairs here. Adom Paul We are actually comprehensible of the fact that auto service centers play a gradually crucial role as far as the servicing of your vehicle is concerned.

    It would not be wrong to depict the fact that most people cannot survive without their vehicles. Puja P Rai The global population is rising and so is the number of vehicles hitting the road in pretty much all parts of the world. Exceptional vehicles require exceptional care, so let the expert hands of European Auto Repair Center keep your car running like the beautiful and technologically advanced piece of equipment it is. Auto service centers are well-versed with the fact that the vehicles need timely conservation.

    In this regard, service centers are of great help. These are some of the major benefits of auto service centers. These are but a few of the services in auto repairs Rogers Ar service centers can offer you, specifically that of Kent Rylee Automotive Solutions. This is where the role of auto service centers come into play.

    You will get oil change, brakes and all other repairs including preventive maintenance repairs here. Kent Rylee Automotive Solutions, based in Rogers Arkansas, can offer the best auto repairs Rogers Ar residents and even those from other places deserve. Subscribe to New Article Alerts: Automotive: Repairs Melville D Jackson Submitted On February 03, 2011. In line to this, many car service centers offer auto repairs.

    The brakes are one of the most essential parts of a vehicle. Regular oil changes are a treat for your engine to keep all its moving parts lubricated and harmoniously working together. It can damage to the internal parts of your vehicle. In addition to giving you a remarkable worth for your money, buying the required parts online saves you from the troubles that come with going to physical market.

    Anna Woodward If you drive, your brakes need to be repaired and your brake pads need to be replaced from time to time. You feel that it’s time to have your car’s oil changed, so you bring it to the neighborhood auto service center everyone’s been talking about. You should take the time to find a good auto repair shop that won’t rip you off or do a poor job when you need help with your brakes. Timely repairs and sticking to a maintenance schedule can prolong your car’s life and save you more money in the long run.

    If you had a problem with your engine, you could just pull off to the side of the road, but if your brakes fail, you can have major problems. Remember that your brakes will not stop effectively if your brake pads are worn out. You should also get your brakes inspected one or twice each year. Don’t live with low-grade brakes or brake pads.

    Our blogs at Bellaire auto repair store explore how to clean fuel injectors, oil changes and many more. Melville D Jackson The best way to keep your automobile performing well is to have it checked regularly at some professional Virginia auto service center. As for Mercedes service, European Auto Care Boca Raton provides you with the best option for caring for your luxury vehicle. Trust the best automobile service provider of Colorado and enjoy safe and smooth driving.

  • It used to be that serious car repairs had to be done inside a well-equipped auto shop because large equipment was required for testing purposes.  That is no longer the case due to the growing prevalence and capabilities of mobile mechanics!

    Most folks are not even aware that there is an alternative to taking their automobile to a typical repair shop.  And, despite what you may think, mobile mechanics can often time be a less expensive alternative… without sacrificing skill or quality.  Think of them as a full service technician who brings the repair shop to your car location.

    Here are some of the key points to know:

    • A significant proportion of car repairs performed by mobile mechanics are on the side of the road.  But they could just as easily meet you at your place of work or even you driveway or garage.
    • Everything from simple horn repairs to complex engine replacements can be completed by mobile car services today.
    • As you might expect, many jobs are for emergency repairs… but routine maintenance can be done just as easily, such as changing the oil, changing brakes, or minor repairs.
    • Most Mobile Mechanic Service Units are fully equipped to perform all car repairs, auto electrical repairs, and car, commercial and 4WD service.
    • Mechanical repairs include repairs to the carburetor, valves, starter, water pump, alternator, pistons, and mufflers to name just a few of the components.
    • No longer can you fix late model cars with spanners, pliers and screw drivers, due to the large integration of electronics and computerisatio.  This is all the more reason why mobile mechanics are playing a larger and larger role in today’s auto repair market.
    • Mobile car care services are extensive and thorough and able to provide both individual and fleet auto maintenance and repairs.
    • The cost of getting your car towed can adds significantly to the car repair bill : mobile mechanics charge virtually no travel time fees, only for regular parts and labor.
    • If you’ve bought a new car, you are not actually bound to have your scheduled logbook services done by a particular company.  You could actually have your car serviced for basic maintenance by a mobile mechanic… while you work!
    • Mobile Car Care mechanics are really technicians in every sense of the word.
    • Mobile mechanics already save on overheads by not having a workshop – but they necessarily incur travel costs with that business model.
    • Our Mobile Mechanic Service Units are fully equipped to perform all car repairs, auto electrical repairs, and car, commercial and 4WD service.
    • The full range of mechanical services offered by mobile car services means you can rely on your mechanic to deal with the problem in-depth even while on-site.
    • Many mobile mechanics can also repair and service new cars without affecting the dealer’s statutory warranty.
    • An added benefit –no need to swap cars, bum a ride or rent another vehicle.
    • The mechanics attend state certified apprenticeship training programs and spend many additional hours in training workshops in order to stay current with technological advances—same as any other mechanic.
    • Even if you need after business hours services, the mobile car care service is accommodating.  Not always the case with traditional mechanics.


  • While it is certainly easy to search nowadays to find the “best” automotive engineering school, it is important to consider what those schools have to offer you.  This article will give a general overview of the educational requirements to become an automotive engineer, what you can expect while attending these schools, and some other things to consider when choosing the automotive engineering school that is right for you!

    There are actually two paths you can take in order to work in the automotive engineering field, and that is to study to become an automotive engineer, or to become a mechanical engineer.  What route you take largely depends on what you are most interested in.  While the requirements for both fields are generally the same, it is important to distinguish the two so that you are able to work in a field that is best for you.  It is also important to understand these two fields so that you are able to choose the best school for your fit.

    As an automotive engineer, your main role is to work on and research all of the factors that go into the production process.  Your responsibilities will include the design and testing of specific parts, to entire processes in a vehicle.   As a mechanical engineer, you would have a much broader range of responsibilities, as your main role would be the study and development of entire processes and assembly.

    It is important to start working on your goal to become an automotive engineer while you are still in high school.  In order to prepare, you should look to take as many math and science classes that you can, while also maintaining a high grade point average so that you can hope to be accepted in a top engineering school.

    When choosing an automotive engineering school, you want to make sure that the school you choose is an accredited school, which means it meets some of the highest quality standards in a school.  This is very important, as you want to ensure that you are being taught the most up to date methods and information possible.

    Also, check to see if the school you are interested in offers any type of internship possibilities.  Not only will this help you in obtaining a job later, but can also be extremely important when applying to schools to complete your master’s degree, should you choose to do so.  Participating in an internship while you are learning the concepts is an amazing experience, and an immeasurable one, as you are able to put the tools and information you are learning to immediate use.

    The path to becoming an automotive engineer is not necessarily an easy one, but you can ensure that you are taking the best possible path if you do your homework on the schools you are interested in, and choose the school that is right for you!